Has Indian IT really lost its charm ?

Everyone from India might be aware of the current fiasco going on in the country with people from IT industry losing their jobs and everyone else losing their minds. Media is showing different figures everyday. According to them every month thousands of people are losing their jobs and situation is expected to worsen day by day. Ever since the news of TCS laying down 25,000 people came way back in late 2014, firing traditions have been at all time high in the industry. But the way people are reacting to it now, it seems as if this news has come as a surprise to many. But they do not realize that the Indian IT industry was already doomed to fail.

Back in early 2000, IT bubble was the most lucrative emergence in recent history. The Indian companies immediately saw a huge door of opportunity opening up and took the projects from American and European counterparts at much cheaper rate. Even they were happy to outsource their projects to make it more cost efficient. These companies soon realized there are abundance of projects in the market and not enough human resources. So what they did, went on a hiring spree. The Indian IT companies were in dire need of people to handle the projects rushing in from the west. But sadly there were not enough fresh engineering graduates well versed in computer sciences. So these companies started hiring graduates from other disciplines.

In the years that followed, many colleges opened to meet the increasing demand of engineers by these companies. Again the problem that came was lack of human resource. These colleges didn’t have a proper pool of lecturers to teach the young minds of the country. All of these mixtures proved to be ingredient of a really bad cocktail waiting to come out of your body the next morning in not a very pleasant way. Currently there are so many colleges in India manufacturing graduates yearly who are unemployable and are not even able to adhere to the pressure of the industry. Even in the industry there lies engineers from civil, mechanical and electrical streams working as software developers, while there lies some engineers from computer science domain working either in support or testing roles.

In spite of all these tragedies just waiting to happen, Indian IT has still not lost its charm. It’s not the situation that entire industry is just going to disappear from the country in coming years. What this industry is facing now is correction. The industry is merely correcting itself by removing the abundant and the excess from its shelter and retaining the only few that truly deserves it. The times of the Indian IT industry where people used to study engineering in any discipline and get a IT job might be over. But in no way the party has come to an end. All the money made by these companies will now go to skill development of their employees in the scope of new technologies that are going to stay for a while. And the people who adapt to these changes will be present to take this industry to a new high. Others will be forced to chose alternate careers for themselves.

It is not an end but merely a beginning of a new era for the industry. In the coming years the industry will regain all its glory except this time it will become much more valuable and respected than it was earlier. So all the people adrift in this fiasco should probably start looking for something different. Probably something  they will enjoy and won’t feel like work.

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Walk Alone, Walk Fast!!!

If you want to walk fast, Walk alone.

But if you want to walk far, Walk together!!!

– Ratan Tata

One of the biggest entrepreneurs of all generations, Ratan Tata, said these beautiful words that stands true in every meaning of life. Today for some reason, some of us consider ourselves to be a know it all. It’s maybe because we have some ego in us to be better than others. Or maybe it is due to false expectations put on us by others. An engineer should know how to repair a fridge or a doctor should know everything about every disease in the textbook. People put their failures on others just to make themselves look better. If one sibling becomes successful,  other one takes all the criticism, if one friend becomes successful, the other one becomes distant on his own.

In this modern times of instant communication, we somehow manage not to communicate with each other. We somehow manage to pull ourselves from the social group and become a loner. We try to walk alone. And in the start, just like everything else it feels good too. We walk fast and everything comes to us. It certainly feels like a big achievement. But then comes a time when our achievements grow so big that everything falls apart. You might have heard celebrities falling in drugs and destroying their careers or some businessman who inspite of doing everything right had to watch everything being taken away from his hands. All of this is a result of walking alone.

I wish somebody would have told us all, just when we were starting our lives, just when we were becoming independent, It is OKAY not to Know Everything! It is okay to ask for help. It is okay to ask for guidance. It is okay to put your faith in another person and collaborate with him to share your loads, to share a moment of truth, to reveal your secrets and to make your life much happier. You can start a business with your best friend or you can marry her. But if we want to lead a life to its fullest, we need to hold someones hand and never let it go.

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The final verdict.

There has been a joke mostly circulated as WhatsApp forwards about an HR dying and going to heaven. I will like to talk about that joke in this post. I found one version of that joke on this website and using it to write below.

A lady who used to work as HR in a company, one day died in a car accident. Upon her death, she went to heaven where St. Peter himself was waiting for her. He greeted the lady and said “You have to stay in hell and heaven for 24 hours each and then decide where you want to go.”

She said, “Ok. I will do that . But I pretty much already know where I will go.”

So she was sent for her first 24 hours in hell. When she reached there, she was completely taken aback with what she saw. The so called hell was nothing like she ever imagined in her entire life. It was beautiful and filled with happy faces. Many of those faces she was able to recall from her life. She met her friends and immediately got engulfed in conversations she has missed over time. She even met satan and was shocked to see how pleasant he was. Before she knew, her 24 hours were over.

Now she had to spend 24 hours in heaven. She liked it. Everyone was sitting around, talking softly, playing harps and were very pleasant to each other. As time passed she started to miss all her friends in hell. Finally 24 hours were up and it was decision time.

St. Peters asked her, “Have you  decided where you want to go?”

She said, “I never thought I would say this, but I want to go to hell.”

St. Peters, “Very well. You can go down to hell.”

When she reached there, she was so confused. It was nothing like yesterday. It was hot, dirty and her friends were scratching around for food. So she asked Satan what is going on.

The Satan replied, “Yesterday we were recruiting you, but today you are on the staff.”

When you read this joke for the first time, you must have laughed and found it funny. It is funny. You know why? Because it’s TRUE. This might just seem like a harmless joke made on recruiters, but definitely has a much deeper meaning. When we apply to any company for a job we see only the good profile of the company where they showcase the unique culture they offer, the posh and beautiful campus they have. We tend to always forget the right question, which is what are we actually going to do in the company.

The social pressure to land a job is so huge in current generation that we put all our focus in that and stop thinking about living a life. We have an obsession that once we get job, everything is going to be fine. No one teaches us that things are just starting to get out of hand. The companies that lure you in with with a good package and loads of benefits, usually give you a project that they would like, not something that you want to do with your life. Due to this the youth today very easily become uninterested in their work and this leads to depression. The thought of making money is so huge in today’s youth that we forget to see beyond the beautiful presentation of hell and end up voluntarily making the wasteland our home.

In this age of information, we could not be less uninformed. We need to learn to ask the right questions and learn to say “NO”. The misrepresentation of hell is not only limited to our career. We incorporate this in our daily life and this assumed beauty becomes the very thing that defines our life. We buy a house instead of renting them just for the idea of a social growth and comfort in life, but end up adding our expense list. We buy a car instead of using local transport for the idea of comfortable transport and end up spending lot of time in traffic jams yelling at other drivers. Some of us even get married just for the idea of having a companion and not for love.

We get so used to these lies that when the time of the final verdict arrives, we choose hell over heaven.

If you relate to this story, it is probably time to start something new. Maybe read some books like Rich Dad Poor Dad or 7 Habits of Highly Successful People. These and other books like these can really help you find a different medium to make a living of your life. Something that you might enjoy doing.

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Childhood that was lost.

I remember, when I was just a kid, my parents asked me once what do you want to become when you grow up? I said a police officer. On asking the reason I replied because every hero in the Bollywood movie was a police officer. It was the 90’s, when the cop movies was what I enjoyed. Later when I grew up, they asked me the same question. But this time I said I wanted to become a photographer. I am one of the very esteemed who were given great oppurtunities in childhood, where I actually learnt the art of photography for 6 years in the times before digital SLR’s even reached the common mass. When I was asked again, I had just finished my first novel. So I said I wanted to become a writer, because I wanted to make someone come close to their emotions, engulf themselves in the stories I tell.

But a little later, I decided  what I really want to do with my life is to become a computer programmer. In the society, where education is given prime importance, this choice of mine was whole heartedly welcomed by my family. And that gave me a sense of satisfaction. So I studied for it. Completed my graduation, completed my post graduation, earned quite a name for myself among my peers. I held my head with enormous pride.

But now it was time to enter the big bad world. I wanted to become a programmer so hard that I forgot I once had other dreams as well. I interviewed in top companies. Failed. I interviewed in small companies. Failed again. After several failures, finally got a job. But it wasn’t the job I really wanted. I wasn’t a programmer any more. I wasn’t anything I wanted to become anymore. And in this sense of reprisal, I looked back.

I looked at everything I could have chosen to be in the past. I looked at everything I could have become in the future. I looked at where I am in the present. And I REGRET. For I did not pursue the things I should have done. For I did not keep the people I should have kept. Today when I look back I just want to get back to those things. But what I really want to go back to, is my childhood.

And now I can only hope its not too late!

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The Journey.

There was once a very rich man in his mid 40s. He had a very healthy habit of exercising everyday and eating healthy. He was as fit as a horse.

One day early morning when he was at a park for his jog, he saw a hooded figure at a distance. It was a mysterious shadow in broad daylight and he had never seen anything like that in his life. He was so intrigued that he was completely distracted . So distracted that he did not see a small brick kept in his way, on which he tripped and fell on his head. After lying there for couple of seconds, he rose and just stood their completely rigid as he saw that hooded figure approaching him. He was scared but could not move. As the figure came near him they both just stood only when he broke the silence.

Man : “Who are you?”

Figure : “I am what you call an angel. Angel of Death. And I have come here to take you with me as your time is up.”

Quite shaken , the man said : “But that is not possible. I do everything right and I am very fit too. How can my time be up?”

Figure : “Son there is no point in arguing . Look below you.  You are already dead.”

Man looked just below him and saw his body lying there. Horrified with what he saw, it took him some time to realize that he was already dead and he was talking to the angel of Death in his afterlife. Upon this deadly realization the man decided to borrow some more time from the angel  to meet his family a last time and give them a proper goodbye.

Man : “I didn’t realize that. Can I borrow 1 hour of my time to kiss my wife and children and see them a last time?”

Figure. : “No.”

Man : “Please let me have one hour and I will give you everything I have. And I have a lot of wealth.”

Figure : ” My dear, you are dead now. You have nothing left with you anymore. So you cannot give me anything.”

Man : ” ok. If you cannot give me one hour, please let me have just half hour with them. I beg you.”

Figure : “Son, everyone who borns here also dies. This is the only truth. Accept it and come with me.”

Man : “Ok, I accept it but can you please give me just one minute at least. I just want to give a message to my children.”

Figure : “Give the message to me and I will have it delivered to your family.”

Man : “Ok. Tell them I want them to live their life to the fullest. Enjoy every moment they have . Tell them to make memories and not stress. Tell them to give their time and energy to family and to friends. Tell my daughter to get married one day and give a family to the man who makes her happy. Tell my son to care for his wife, to love and nurture her for she spends every day in the kitchen just to spend few moments with him during dinner bringing smile on his face with her food. Tell my wife, I am sorry. I did not spend enough time with her. I did not fulfill her dreams. I forgot she was also a person of her own before our marriage. Tell her I am sorry because I forgot that this life is not a gift, it’s a loan. It is one day taken from every body. I forgot that this body is just temporary. One day it will be buried 6 feet under the ground. Tell her I am sorry!!!”

With that the man started sobbing. The hooded figure assured the man his message will be delivered and took him to life beyond this temporary illusion.

In the run…

He is just a normal guy like you and me, in his late twenties and  doing everything that he is supposed to do. He goes to his office on time, makes decent money, sends a share of money to his family, invests and he does everything to secure his future. He is unmarried now but hopes to get a beautiful wife and raise atleast 3 babies with her. But in all if this wonders of his life, attempt to fulfill all his dreams in the near future, he forgot just one small thing – he forgot to live today.

One day when he felt depression is reaching him fast, he made a decision, something that would change his life forever. He decides to quit his job and become free. He had saved enough in last 5 years of hard work and mundane life. He desperately needed a break. So he waited for a while, thought about it and he quit. He had to wait for a while to leave the corporate, and go through several exit interviews and managers request to stay. He bravely fought them all and finally was able to ensure his freedom. That night he went out with his friends, had a night of his life. When he reached his home back, he was so drunk and exhausted that he went straight to bed.

Next morning he woke up with a big headache and a huge neck breaking hangover. He quietly cursed himself for not controlling himself . He had eyes of regret. He somehow put himself together and dragged his body to the showers. With the water flowing through his body, he still wasn’t completely back in his senses. He got dressed, made his breakfast and got ready. Just when he got out of his house to reach the office reality struck him. He had no job. He had nowhere to go. He had nothing to do.

For the first time ever in his life , he felt nervous, scared and exposed to awful reality that awaits him. He was so engrossed in planning his exit from his mundane and stressful life that he forgot to plan the after events. He had no idea what to do now.

This man is no other than every face in the crowd who follows their routine religiously . Does everything right but still not happy. Never content with their lives. Today, the so called millennial generation knows to live only two ways, either in present with parties,friends and lots of fun or in the future planning every step in advance only to stumble on it later. The other way is spent in regret, depression, but with high desire to break through and willingness to do wonders. This type has to redeem themselves. Plan your future.Quit your  job. Plan properly to quit. Leave the city you live. Go exploring and get exposed.

The sadness in life is never going to leave you alone, but a few happy moments can make you forget it.

Why to start a blog?

This is my first blog post and I am going to discuss here why to start a blog. I am sure just like me there have been many people who have always wanted to start a blog with the hope of monetising it and start making thousands of bucks overnight. Many people might think that doing such kind of activity can make them rich and they can leave their current job and finally start having fun in life.

I am here to tell all those people they are living a dream and it’s about time to wake up. Anything done with the sole intention of making money and finally getting a break from your regular mundane work does not yield any long term success or satisfaction. Success comes to people who devote their time to one thing and really enjoy their work. A few many people have already said there is no shortcut to success. They are probably right. But what they do not tell you that success is not measured in terms of money alone.

Successful people are happy people and only happy people are in their right state of mind to become successful. So, why to start a blog? Forget everything you see online about making money through blogging. Forget everything about shortcuts to become rich. Instead, pick a hobby, any hobby and engulf yourself in it. Go to your office regularly. Work hard there to make sure your bosses do not give you a hard time. And everyday find some me time. Whatever hobby you chose for yourself, do it in those free time. Get good at it, so good that you become recognised. Work hard, learn the tricks of the trade and then publish your work to the whole world. Blogs are not about anything specific. It can be about anything or anyone. All one needs to do on a blog is share. Express your thoughts. Display your work. And finally when you are mature enough, you shall receive your reward.