Has Indian IT really lost its charm ?

Everyone from India might be aware of the current fiasco going on in the country with people from IT industry losing their jobs and everyone else losing their minds. Media is showing different figures everyday. According to them every month thousands of people are losing their jobs and situation is expected to worsen day by day. Ever since the news of TCS laying down 25,000 people came way back in late 2014, firing traditions have been at all time high in the industry. But the way people are reacting to it now, it seems as if this news has come as a surprise to many. But they do not realize that the Indian IT industry was already doomed to fail.

Back in early 2000, IT bubble was the most lucrative emergence in recent history. The Indian companies immediately saw a huge door of opportunity opening up and took the projects from American and European counterparts at much cheaper rate. Even they were happy to outsource their projects to make it more cost efficient. These companies soon realized there are abundance of projects in the market and not enough human resources. So what they did, went on a hiring spree. The Indian IT companies were in dire need of people to handle the projects rushing in from the west. But sadly there were not enough fresh engineering graduates well versed in computer sciences. So these companies started hiring graduates from other disciplines.

In the years that followed, many colleges opened to meet the increasing demand of engineers by these companies. Again the problem that came was lack of human resource. These colleges didn’t have a proper pool of lecturers to teach the young minds of the country. All of these mixtures proved to be ingredient of a really bad cocktail waiting to come out of your body the next morning in not a very pleasant way. Currently there are so many colleges in India manufacturing graduates yearly who are unemployable and are not even able to adhere to the pressure of the industry. Even in the industry there lies engineers from civil, mechanical and electrical streams working as software developers, while there lies some engineers from computer science domain working either in support or testing roles.

In spite of all these tragedies just waiting to happen, Indian IT has still not lost its charm. It’s not the situation that entire industry is just going to disappear from the country in coming years. What this industry is facing now is correction. The industry is merely correcting itself by removing the abundant and the excess from its shelter and retaining the only few that truly deserves it. The times of the Indian IT industry where people used to study engineering in any discipline and get a IT job might be over. But in no way the party has come to an end. All the money made by these companies will now go to skill development of their employees in the scope of new technologies that are going to stay for a while. And the people who adapt to these changes will be present to take this industry to a new high. Others will be forced to chose alternate careers for themselves.

It is not an end but merely a beginning of a new era for the industry. In the coming years the industry will regain all its glory except this time it will become much more valuable and respected than it was earlier. So all the people adrift in this fiasco should probably start looking for something different. Probably something  they will enjoy and won’t feel like work.

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7 thoughts on “Has Indian IT really lost its charm ?

  1. Interesting. I hope they include English in their studies, if while adrift they end up in customer support. Sadly, these employees think they speak English. They speak so poorly that only fellow Indian support employees can understand them. As for IT If American companies would stop outsourcing to India and China where they can pay a few dollars an hour to what amounts to slave workers perhaps that would be a better future.

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  2. Hello Gaurav. I found your post over at the WP Community Pool. What an interesting read! I’m not much of a News watcher, but I’m assuming this post was inspired by some recent events??? Regardless, I found your post interesting and I like the way you mentioned some of the backstory to what’s happening at present.

    For a bit into your post I thought things would get worse for India’s IT industry, but reading how it will ultimately get better is good news.

    I like your touch at the end of suggested reading. I needed to write this first before I clicked as I would have left this page! Anyway, this post was enjoyable and informative, so Thank You for a good read 🙂

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  3. Just to let you know, clicking on the further reading link brings up an error. I was thinking the link would take me to somewhere I could find out more about the book. Maybe look into testing the links first before you hit the publish button… You can do that by first clicking ‘Preview’ to make sure your posts are in good order 🙂

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