Walk Alone, Walk Fast!!!

If you want to walk fast, Walk alone.

But if you want to walk far, Walk together!!!

– Ratan Tata

One of the biggest entrepreneurs of all generations, Ratan Tata, said these beautiful words that stands true in every meaning of life. Today for some reason, some of us consider ourselves to be a know it all. It’s maybe because we have some ego in us to be better than others. Or maybe it is due to false expectations put on us by others. An engineer should know how to repair a fridge or a doctor should know everything about every disease in the textbook. People put their failures on others just to make themselves look better. If one sibling becomes successful,  other one takes all the criticism, if one friend becomes successful, the other one becomes distant on his own.

In this modern times of instant communication, we somehow manage not to communicate with each other. We somehow manage to pull ourselves from the social group and become a loner. We try to walk alone. And in the start, just like everything else it feels good too. We walk fast and everything comes to us. It certainly feels like a big achievement. But then comes a time when our achievements grow so big that everything falls apart. You might have heard celebrities falling in drugs and destroying their careers or some businessman who inspite of doing everything right had to watch everything being taken away from his hands. All of this is a result of walking alone.

I wish somebody would have told us all, just when we were starting our lives, just when we were becoming independent, It is OKAY not to Know Everything! It is okay to ask for help. It is okay to ask for guidance. It is okay to put your faith in another person and collaborate with him to share your loads, to share a moment of truth, to reveal your secrets and to make your life much happier. You can start a business with your best friend or you can marry her. But if we want to lead a life to its fullest, we need to hold someones hand and never let it go.

The books of the Post!

In every post I recommend some books that might be related to the topic. Here are the books of the post.

Peter Thiels’ Zero to One

Noam Wasserman’s The founders dilemma

Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance

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