The final verdict.

There has been a joke mostly circulated as WhatsApp forwards about an HR dying and going to heaven. I will like to talk about that joke in this post. I found one version of that joke on this website and using it to write below.

A lady who used to work as HR in a company, one day died in a car accident. Upon her death, she went to heaven where St. Peter himself was waiting for her. He greeted the lady and said “You have to stay in hell and heaven for 24 hours each and then decide where you want to go.”

She said, “Ok. I will do that . But I pretty much already know where I will go.”

So she was sent for her first 24 hours in hell. When she reached there, she was completely taken aback with what she saw. The so called hell was nothing like she ever imagined in her entire life. It was beautiful and filled with happy faces. Many of those faces she was able to recall from her life. She met her friends and immediately got engulfed in conversations she has missed over time. She even met satan and was shocked to see how pleasant he was. Before she knew, her 24 hours were over.

Now she had to spend 24 hours in heaven. She liked it. Everyone was sitting around, talking softly, playing harps and were very pleasant to each other. As time passed she started to miss all her friends in hell. Finally 24 hours were up and it was decision time.

St. Peters asked her, “Have you  decided where you want to go?”

She said, “I never thought I would say this, but I want to go to hell.”

St. Peters, “Very well. You can go down to hell.”

When she reached there, she was so confused. It was nothing like yesterday. It was hot, dirty and her friends were scratching around for food. So she asked Satan what is going on.

The Satan replied, “Yesterday we were recruiting you, but today you are on the staff.”

When you read this joke for the first time, you must have laughed and found it funny. It is funny. You know why? Because it’s TRUE. This might just seem like a harmless joke made on recruiters, but definitely has a much deeper meaning. When we apply to any company for a job we see only the good profile of the company where they showcase the unique culture they offer, the posh and beautiful campus they have. We tend to always forget the right question, which is what are we actually going to do in the company.

The social pressure to land a job is so huge in current generation that we put all our focus in that and stop thinking about living a life. We have an obsession that once we get job, everything is going to be fine. No one teaches us that things are just starting to get out of hand. The companies that lure you in with with a good package and loads of benefits, usually give you a project that they would like, not something that you want to do with your life. Due to this the youth today very easily become uninterested in their work and this leads to depression. The thought of making money is so huge in today’s youth that we forget to see beyond the beautiful presentation of hell and end up voluntarily making the wasteland our home.

In this age of information, we could not be less uninformed. We need to learn to ask the right questions and learn to say “NO”. The misrepresentation of hell is not only limited to our career. We incorporate this in our daily life and this assumed beauty becomes the very thing that defines our life. We buy a house instead of renting them just for the idea of a social growth and comfort in life, but end up adding our expense list. We buy a car instead of using local transport for the idea of comfortable transport and end up spending lot of time in traffic jams yelling at other drivers. Some of us even get married just for the idea of having a companion and not for love.

We get so used to these lies that when the time of the final verdict arrives, we choose hell over heaven.

If you relate to this story, it is probably time to start something new. Maybe read some books like Rich Dad Poor Dad or 7 Habits of Highly Successful People. These and other books like these can really help you find a different medium to make a living of your life. Something that you might enjoy doing.

Enjoyed reading, Now It’s your turn!

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