The Journey.

There was once a very rich man in his mid 40s. He had a very healthy habit of exercising everyday and eating healthy. He was as fit as a horse.

One day early morning when he was at a park for his jog, he saw a hooded figure at a distance. It was a mysterious shadow in broad daylight and he had never seen anything like that in his life. He was so intrigued that he was completely distracted . So distracted that he did not see a small brick kept in his way, on which he tripped and fell on his head. After lying there for couple of seconds, he rose and just stood their completely rigid as he saw that hooded figure approaching him. He was scared but could not move. As the figure came near him they both just stood only when he broke the silence.

Man : “Who are you?”

Figure : “I am what you call an angel. Angel of Death. And I have come here to take you with me as your time is up.”

Quite shaken , the man said : “But that is not possible. I do everything right and I am very fit too. How can my time be up?”

Figure : “Son there is no point in arguing . Look below you.  You are already dead.”

Man looked just below him and saw his body lying there. Horrified with what he saw, it took him some time to realize that he was already dead and he was talking to the angel of Death in his afterlife. Upon this deadly realization the man decided to borrow some more time from the angel  to meet his family a last time and give them a proper goodbye.

Man : “I didn’t realize that. Can I borrow 1 hour of my time to kiss my wife and children and see them a last time?”

Figure. : “No.”

Man : “Please let me have one hour and I will give you everything I have. And I have a lot of wealth.”

Figure : ” My dear, you are dead now. You have nothing left with you anymore. So you cannot give me anything.”

Man : ” ok. If you cannot give me one hour, please let me have just half hour with them. I beg you.”

Figure : “Son, everyone who borns here also dies. This is the only truth. Accept it and come with me.”

Man : “Ok, I accept it but can you please give me just one minute at least. I just want to give a message to my children.”

Figure : “Give the message to me and I will have it delivered to your family.”

Man : “Ok. Tell them I want them to live their life to the fullest. Enjoy every moment they have . Tell them to make memories and not stress. Tell them to give their time and energy to family and to friends. Tell my daughter to get married one day and give a family to the man who makes her happy. Tell my son to care for his wife, to love and nurture her for she spends every day in the kitchen just to spend few moments with him during dinner bringing smile on his face with her food. Tell my wife, I am sorry. I did not spend enough time with her. I did not fulfill her dreams. I forgot she was also a person of her own before our marriage. Tell her I am sorry because I forgot that this life is not a gift, it’s a loan. It is one day taken from every body. I forgot that this body is just temporary. One day it will be buried 6 feet under the ground. Tell her I am sorry!!!”

With that the man started sobbing. The hooded figure assured the man his message will be delivered and took him to life beyond this temporary illusion.


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