Childhood that was lost.

I remember, when I was just a kid, my parents asked me once what do you want to become when you grow up? I said a police officer. On asking the reason I replied because every hero in the Bollywood movie was a police officer. It was the 90’s, when the cop movies was what I enjoyed. Later when I grew up, they asked me the same question. But this time I said I wanted to become a photographer. I am one of the very esteemed who were given great oppurtunities in childhood, where I actually learnt the art of photography for 6 years in the times before digital SLR’s even reached the common mass. When I was asked again, I had just finished my first novel. So I said I wanted to become a writer, because I wanted to make someone come close to their emotions, engulf themselves in the stories I tell.

But a little later, I decided  what I really want to do with my life is to become a computer programmer. In the society, where education is given prime importance, this choice of mine was whole heartedly welcomed by my family. And that gave me a sense of satisfaction. So I studied for it. Completed my graduation, completed my post graduation, earned quite a name for myself among my peers. I held my head with enormous pride.

But now it was time to enter the big bad world. I wanted to become a programmer so hard that I forgot I once had other dreams as well. I interviewed in top companies. Failed. I interviewed in small companies. Failed again. After several failures, finally got a job. But it wasn’t the job I really wanted. I wasn’t a programmer any more. I wasn’t anything I wanted to become anymore. And in this sense of reprisal, I looked back.

I looked at everything I could have chosen to be in the past. I looked at everything I could have become in the future. I looked at where I am in the present. And I REGRET. For I did not pursue the things I should have done. For I did not keep the people I should have kept. Today when I look back I just want to get back to those things. But what I really want to go back to, is my childhood.

And now I can only hope its not too late!

It’s your turn!

Do you relate to this story? Do you also want to get back to your childhood when the times were simpler? Share your favourite moment in the comment and let it bring a small smile on someone’s face.

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