In the run…

He is just a normal guy like you and me, in his late twenties and  doing everything that he is supposed to do. He goes to his office on time, makes decent money, sends a share of money to his family, invests and he does everything to secure his future. He is unmarried now but hopes to get a beautiful wife and raise atleast 3 babies with her. But in all if this wonders of his life, attempt to fulfill all his dreams in the near future, he forgot just one small thing – he forgot to live today.

One day when he felt depression is reaching him fast, he made a decision, something that would change his life forever. He decides to quit his job and become free. He had saved enough in last 5 years of hard work and mundane life. He desperately needed a break. So he waited for a while, thought about it and he quit. He had to wait for a while to leave the corporate, and go through several exit interviews and managers request to stay. He bravely fought them all and finally was able to ensure his freedom. That night he went out with his friends, had a night of his life. When he reached his home back, he was so drunk and exhausted that he went straight to bed.

Next morning he woke up with a big headache and a huge neck breaking hangover. He quietly cursed himself for not controlling himself . He had eyes of regret. He somehow put himself together and dragged his body to the showers. With the water flowing through his body, he still wasn’t completely back in his senses. He got dressed, made his breakfast and got ready. Just when he got out of his house to reach the office reality struck him. He had no job. He had nowhere to go. He had nothing to do.

For the first time ever in his life , he felt nervous, scared and exposed to awful reality that awaits him. He was so engrossed in planning his exit from his mundane and stressful life that he forgot to plan the after events. He had no idea what to do now.

This man is no other than every face in the crowd who follows their routine religiously . Does everything right but still not happy. Never content with their lives. Today, the so called millennial generation knows to live only two ways, either in present with parties,friends and lots of fun or in the future planning every step in advance only to stumble on it later. The other way is spent in regret, depression, but with high desire to break through and willingness to do wonders. This type has to redeem themselves. Plan your future.Quit your  job. Plan properly to quit. Leave the city you live. Go exploring and get exposed.

The sadness in life is never going to leave you alone, but a few happy moments can make you forget it.


One thought on “In the run…

  1. Live each day at once, though you may plan for the future. There are opportunities where you are, it is not necessary to move helter-skelter before you can succeed, keeping praying and working hard, at the end appointed time, the breakthrough will show forth.


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