Why to start a blog?

This is my first blog post and I am going to discuss here why to start a blog. I am sure just like me there have been many people who have always wanted to start a blog with the hope of monetising it and start making thousands of bucks overnight. Many people might think that doing such kind of activity can make them rich and they can leave their current job and finally start having fun in life.

I am here to tell all those people they are living a dream and it’s about time to wake up. Anything done with the sole intention of making money and finally getting a break from your regular mundane work does not yield any long term success or satisfaction. Success comes to people who devote their time to one thing and really enjoy their work. A few many people have already said there is no shortcut to success. They are probably right. But what they do not tell you that success is not measured in terms of money alone.

Successful people are happy people and only happy people are in their right state of mind to become successful. So, why to start a blog? Forget everything you see online about making money through blogging. Forget everything about shortcuts to become rich. Instead, pick a hobby, any hobby and engulf yourself in it. Go to your office regularly. Work hard there to make sure your bosses do not give you a hard time. And everyday find some me time. Whatever hobby you chose for yourself, do it in those free time. Get good at it, so good that you become recognised. Work hard, learn the tricks of the trade and then publish your work to the whole world. Blogs are not about anything specific. It can be about anything or anyone. All one needs to do on a blog is share. Express your thoughts. Display your work. And finally when you are mature enough, you shall receive your reward.


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